A short, challenging animal-matching puzzle game.

Touchscreen or mouse control required.

This game builds upon and expands the mechanical ideas in my other recent puzzle game, Company. If you intend to play both I recommend playing Company first; if you only play one of them I recommend this one.


Update 2021/07/06: Fixed an enormous bug (you're not supposed to be able to drag unlit tiles!), and moved and tweaked one level to prevent an unintended solution that skips the level's lesson.


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I don't see how level X 10 is possible.  Two lions and two zebra. 

The sense that "this level is obviously, trivially impossible" is always a goal in puzzle design, and I was pretty pleased to achieve it in such a small level here!😁

It's a little sneaky; if you still need a hint, I don't think it's possible to do spoiler tags in this comment markdown so I'll use rot13: Lbhe bowrpgvir va gurfr yriryf znl abg or rknpgyl jung lbh guvax vg vf.

Yes, I thought that, but could you give a more specific hint.  

okay, I figured it out.  That's what I thought I had to do.