A downloadable game for Windows

Explore and photograph a petite solar system filled with ancient ruins and strange flora. A short game made for the GameOff 2020 game jam.

Recommended System

Windows 10 and a GTX 970 or better are recommended. 


  • Q: Are my photographs saved anywhere?
  • A: Yes! On windows, copies of all the photographs you take will be stored in your "Pictures\VoidIdyllic" folder. If you are using the Itch app's sandboxing feature, they will be stored in the itch-player user's Pictures folder instead.
  • Q: My computer doesn't meet the recommended requirements; can I still run the game?
  • A: Probably. On less powerful systems you may be able to improve performance by reducing the Particle Density option in the game settings, as those are the game's most demanding feature.
  • Q: Will the game be available for other platforms, or as a web build?
  • A: A web build is unlikely because of the game's size, but OSX and Linux builds may be available in the future.

Controls Reference

Most controls are taught by the in-game tutorial; this list is just for reference.

Navigate (Menu)WASD/Arrow KeysLeft Stick
Select (Menu)
Spacebar/Left Mouse (Point+Click)A (lower face button)
Toggle MenuTab/EscapeY (upper face button)/Start
Move (Flying or On Foot)WASD/Arrow KeysLeft Stick
Turn (Flying or On Foot)Move MouseRight Stick
Roll (Flying)Q/ELeft/right Triggers
Ascend/Descend (Flying)Spacebar/CtrlA/B (lower/right face buttons)
Jump and Hover (On Foot)SpacebarA (lower face button)

Aim Camera (Flying or On Foot)Right Mouse (Hold)Left Bumper (Hold)
Take Photo (While Aiming)
    (Not available in menus)
Left Mouse (Click)Right Bumper
Rotate camera (While Aiming or in Menu)Q/ELeft/Right Triggers


  • Design, Art and Code: Thomas Morley
  • Music and Sound Design: James Evans (jamesmusic.co.uk)


void-idyllic-win64.zip 108 MB
Version 12 Nov 29, 2020


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I played this in my latest vid starting around 5:24 (timestamp is in the comments). It was hands down one of my favorite entries! The concept was great, including actual camera controls like aperture and temp was impressive, the picture prompts were clever, and I loved that each area had its own music and mood. There was an issue with falling out of the ship if I didn't press anything after confirming to return to space and camera sensitivity felt a bit high when taking pictures even after dropping it in settings. Other than that, very good job. Good luck on future projects!

Thanks so much for playing this, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

A few other players also mentioned (as you do in your video) that they would have liked to be able to take pictures directly from the camera menu. I think that was an oversight on my part; I'm not actually a photographer myself, so I may be missing some intuitions! Unfortunately in the short timeframe of a game jam it's always difficult to get as much polish and testing as you'd like for things like that, and similarly for the take-off process (which I was never entirely happy with). If I ever revisit the game to address things like that and add more content I'll be sure to let you know!

You mentioned that you would like to see similar games, so just in case you haven't played them I should mention that Outer Wilds and Umurangi Generation were both big influences on this game. Neither of them are quite the same thing, but they might be worth checking out in case either of them have somehow passed you by up to now?

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing more jam streams from you!

Thanks so much for the tip on other games and again, great job!