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Umber Pines

Once a highly prized planetary resort hotel and spa, now declined into an overrun relic that's less than inviting. Still, better for your escape pod to land here than somewhere deep in the depths of the Crimson Mountains; at least this place still has power. Now you just need to find a way off this monstrous rock.

Made in one month for the Dungeon Crawler VR game jam 2021.


VR headset and motion controllers required.

Navigate (on a grid) by pointing your motion controller in the direction you want to go and pressing the primary button, or pushing up on the control stick or touchpad. Tap or hold the grip button to pick up items, and press the trigger to use them. You can also use the control stick to turn in 90 degree increments, or to move backwards.

Release Notes

This jam build has only been tested on Oculus headsets; other PC headsets should work, but controller orientation and button configuration may not behave as expected. Similarly, being a jam build it is not fully optimised; powerful hardware is recommended if you want to run it at full frame rate.


Game Design, Character Art, Dungeon Layout, Coding and Sound Design by Thomas Morley.

Some environment and audio assets are used under Creative Commons licenses.

"Morgana Rides" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
"beerhiss1" by deleted_user_22 licensed under CCBY 3.0

Thanks for playing!


umber-pines-win64.zip 709 MB
Version 5 Nov 30, 2021

Install instructions

VR headset and motion controllers required.


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Nice game but it's hard to kill the monsters. Should I be aiming for anything in particular?

I've played it loads and not managed to get further than the 'blue' room yet.

The objects don't sit right in the hand. Often they point higher than they should? Maybe that's not helping my aim.