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It's always an adventure with Ivory Tours!

Explore a decaying star ship infested with malevolent aliens in this dice-building dungeon crawler! Made in seven days for Dungeon Crawler jam 2021.

 Tasked with cleansing a dangerous menace that has overtaken the ill-fated S.S. Ivory Tours, your brave team must seek out weapons and equipment while developing the skills to use them against the dangerous monsters that crawl and swim these once-beautiful cabins. 


  • Guide your team of four through a labyrinthine grid-based map harking back to classic dungeon crawlers.
  • Seek out fifteen powerful weapons! 
  • Face five different types of enemy, alone or in large groups that require careful tactics.
  • Extend your characters' skills through an innovative dice upgrade mechanic, allowing you to use difficult weapons to much greater effect!
  • Use clues in the environment to locate hidden secrets where the most powerful equipment is concealed! 



Touchscreen or mouse control required.

Drag weapons and equipment from the world to your characters' hand slots to equip them. Drag dice from your dice pool over that equipment to use it; more icons showing on the dice will trigger more powerful attacks. When you have used all of your dice your turn ends and the monsters will counterattack!

More information about weapons, dice, objects and enemies will be shown if you tap them or hover your mouse over them.

 Some keyboard controls are also available:

WStep Forward
SStep Backward
AStep Left
DStep Right
QTurn Left
ETurn Right
SpacebarWait for next turn


  • Q: Will the game be available for other platforms?
  • A: No guarantees, but I would like to make an android version at some point. iOS or Mac builds are possible but sadly unlikely.
  • Q: How long is this game?
  • A: A full playthrough is expected to take most players between half an hour and an hour. If you die in the jam build you'll restart from the beginning, though, so that may make things take longer.
  • Q: I'm lost!
  • A: Sadly an automap and compass didn't make the cut for features that could be built in seven days. If you're the type of player who hates wrangling with graph paper public blueprints of the S.S. Ivory Tours are available, but be warned; the reality on the ground may be very different.
  • Q: Why can't I hold all these weapons?
  • A: With only eight hands available you will need to make some hard choices about which weapons to keep and which to leave behind. Dropped items will stay around forever, so if you change your mind you can always go back. Most key cards are only used once or twice, so you usually don't need to hold onto them forever just in case. (Warning: In the jam build items dropped on stairs may become invisible.)
  • Q: How do I get XP?
  • A: XP is awarded for defeating monsters and finding secrets.
  • Q: How do I spend XP?
  • A: Drag dice onto the upgrade stations to receive that station's upgrade; the icon will be added to a random face of that dice.


Game Design, Character Art, Dungeon Layout, Coding and Sound Design by Thomas Morley.

Many environment and audio assets are used under Creative Commons licenses; full attribution details can be found in the in-game credits.

Thanks for playing!


ivory-tours-win64.zip 104 MB
Version 7 Apr 14, 2021

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