Cleanse the undead infestation of a nearby undead bar; bring down the (presumably) righteous fury of the gods on this cursed place! A tiny, turn-based, two-room dungeon crawler, made mostly to play around with visual styles.

WebGL: You must click on the game window at least once for audio to play! If you have performance issues with the WebGL version, please try reducing the quality settings in the menu (accessed with start or enter), or try the Windows version instead.

Made in three days for "5 Minute Dungeon Crawler Jam" and Mini Jam 143 with the limitation "The player must control multiple entities".


This game uses classic dungeon crawler controls; the QWEASD block of the keyboard is used to move and to turn left and right. Attack with your characters by clicking on their weapons, or with the buttons below. You can rebind any of these controls from the in-game menu. The game is fully turn based with no real time elements, so feel free to take your time planning!

Keyboard Gamepad
MoveWASD, Numpad 2468D-Pad
TurnQ/E, Numpad 7/9LB/RB
Attack (Paladin)1A (south face button)
Attack (Wizard)2B (east face button)


  • Rejected Trijam 241 theme "Adventure At A Bar".
  • Classic DnD moral absurdity.
  • Spooky season!


"Dangerous" Kevin MacLeod (
"Interloper" Kevin MacLeod (
"Disco Medusae" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Weapon icons, UI panels and a couple of other images are from assets by Kenney. Environment and characters were made during the jam using Creature MixerAvatar Mixer and Kenney Shape. Various fonts from Google Fonts. Voices were recorded by me, then put through "deepfake" processing on to adjust their character.


Download 44 MB
Version 4 Oct 19, 2023

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